Hernia Repair Techniques Library

We want our patients to be educated about the different techniques used to repair a hernia. We created a library so you can learn about any available hernia surgery technique. Click the technique below to learn more.

Check back for future articles as we populate this library.

Open Repair Techniques:

  1. Lichtenstein Tension-Free Mesh Repair (inguinal, femoral)
  2. Shouldice Repair (inguinal)
  3. Bassini Repair (inguinal) – outdated
  4. McVay Repair (inguinal, femoral)
  5. Desarda Repair (inguinal) – restricted to a few centers, not popular
  6. Primary Open Repair Without Mesh (incisional/ventral, umbilical) – for hernias less than 1cm
  7. Open pre-peritoneal repair with mesh (incisional/ventral, umbilical, epigastric, Spigelian, obturator, lumbar)
  8. Open Ventral Hernia Repair with intraperitoneal underlay Mesh (incisional/ventral, umbilical)
  9. Open ventral hernia repair with subcutaneous onlay mesh (incisional/ventral, umbilical) – high failure and infection rates
  10. Lockwood’s Infrainguinal Approach (femoral)
  11. Lotheissen’s Transinguinal Approach (femoral)
  12. McEvedy’s High Approach (femoral)
  13. Plug or Umbrella Repair (femoral)
  14. Open Suture Repair (epigastric, spigelian)
  15. Conventional Open Mesh Repair (Spigelian)
  16. Primary Spigelian Fascia Repair with Onlay Mesh (Spigelian)
  17. Abdominal Approach (hiatal) – obsolete
  18. Thoracotomy (hiatal) – obsolete
  19. Open Nissen Fundoplication (hiatal) – obsolete

Laparoscopic Repair Techniques:

  1. Transabdominal Preperitoneal (TAPP) Repair (inguinal, femoral, incisional/ventral, umbilical, epigastric, spigelian, obturator)
  2. Totally Extraperitoneal (TEP) Repair (inguinal, femoral, Spigelian)
  3. Robotic subcutaneous onlay repair with or without mesh (incisional/ventral, umbilical)
  4. Robotic Ventral Hernia Repair with intraperitoneal underlay Mesh (incisional/ventral, umbilical)
  5. Enhanced view Totally Extraperitoneal (eTEP) rives-stoppa Repair (incisional/ventral)
  6. Robotic ventral hernia repair with posterior Component Separation and transversus abdominis release (TAR) (incisional/ventral)
  7. Nissen Fundoplication or Toupet or Dor fundoplication with or without absorbable mesh (hiatal)
  8. Intraperitoneal Onlay Mesh (IPOM) Repair (femoral, Spigelian)
  9. Laparoscopic Femoral Hernia Repair Without Mesh Fixation (femoral)
  10. Robotic IPUM Repair (epigastric)