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Many patients are resigned to suffer from debilitating abdominal pain, often because they and their doctors are unaware of the options. The Iskandar Complex Hernia Center offers complex hernia surgery and advanced abdominal procedures with unparalleled empathy and expertise, so you can enjoy a dramatically improved quality of life.

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Minimally invasive surgery for optimal recovery.
Experience an improved, healthier lifestyle.

Complex Hernia Repair & Hernia Recovery

The Iskandar Complex Hernia Center provides complex hernia surgery and advanced abdominal procedures to patients suffering from debilitating hernias with renowned expertise and unparalleled compassion to radically improve your quality of life.

Testimonials from Patients, Surgeons, & Doctors

“After two years of increasing pain and discomfort following an operation, my quality of life was getting worse and worse as the months went on. I wanted to feel whole again. Dr. Iskandar told me in the first meeting that he was 90% sure he could repair my growing hernia with no recurrence. He was very reassuring to me. A few months after surgery, Dr. Iskandar told me I was back to normal. Now I can ride my motorcycles and go off-roading in my Jeep. I can move around without discomfort and pain. It’s a night-and-day change. Don’t waste time wondering if there’s help for you. Call Dr. Iskandar. He won’t promise something he can’t accomplish. He keeps his promises.”

– Patient, Jose’ Gonzalez

“Dr. Iskandar is a surgeon to call when other doctors run out of options for complex hernia patients. His toolbox is totally full. All the options are there with him. He’s always accepting of referrals. His answer is ‘yes’ and then he asks you about the case. That’s a remarkable asset when I feel helpless about referring my patient.”

– Surgeon, Valerie J. Gorman, M.D. FACS
Served as Chief of Oncology at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center
Chief of Surgery and Medical Director of Surgical Services Baylor Scott & White Medical Center

“It’s a big relief to know that patients who need a complex procedure are in skilled hands with Dr. Iskandar. If it was me or my family member, I’d want a surgeon who does this once a week, not once a month or less frequently. Not only do I not have to worry about my patient receiving excellent care, but the patient is going to receive a better outcome. Dr. Iskandar is the only surgeon outside the area that I’ve referred patients to.”

Michael Smith, M.D.
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine