Patient Testimonials

“After two years of increasing pain and discomfort following an operation, my quality of life was getting worse and worse as the months went on. I wanted to feel whole again. Dr. Iskandar told me in the first meeting that he was 90% sure he could repair my growing hernia with no recurrence. He was very reassuring to me.

A few months after surgery, Dr. Iskandar told me I was back to normal. Now I can ride my motorcycles and go off-roading in my Jeep. I can move around without discomfort and pain. It’s a night-and-day change.

Don’t waste time wondering if there’s help for you. Call Dr. Iskandar. He won’t promise something he can’t accomplish. He keeps his promises.”

Jose’ Gonzalez
Complex Hernia Repair Patient

“After a previous hernia repair failed following cancer surgery, my hernia came back and got bigger and bigger. My clothes didn’t fit right and I was not able to do what I used to do. I lived with increasing pain and discomfort. I tried to find a surgeon in my community who could help me but there wasn’t a complex hernia repair surgeon near me.

I found Dr. Iskandar and I was very comfortable with him. He had thoroughly reviewed my case before our first meeting. He knew he could help me and that he had the skills and experience to do what I needed. He was straightforward and reassuring. He took time with me to make sure I knew what my surgery was going to involve. He is very knowledgeable and confident. That is inspiring for a patient who needs complex hernia repair.

My surgery was life-changing. I can be more active, I look better in my clothes, and I have more confidence.
Don’t let a complex hernia rob you of your quality of life.”

Sharon Watson
Complex Hernia Repair Patient