How To Talk To Your Doctor

If You Have a Large Hernia or Problems with a Previous Hernia Repair

Large hernias or previous hernia surgeries that fail suggest you have a complex hernia. If this is the case, ask your doctor to research and refer you to the Iskandar Complex Hernia Center. Why? Our focus, passion, and expertise are focused solely on complex hernia repair.

Advocate for Yourself

As a patient, you have a voice in your treatment. Complex hernias are called complex for a reason. As a specialist who sees complex hernias consistently, Dr. Iskandar has years of experience repairing the most complicated of hernias with advanced abdominal wall reconstruction techniques. He is also part of an elite international network of complex hernia surgeons who are available to confer with one another when needed.

Ask your physician to refer you to The Iskandar Complex Hernia Center. Experience renown expertise and unparalleled compassion.

Describe Your Symptoms

Go see your doctor, call us, or go to the emergency room immediately if you are experiencing:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Intense Pain
  • Unable to have a bowel movement
  • Color changes in the bulging area

These can be life-threatening signs of an incarcerated or strangulated hernia.

If possible, create a symptom diary. Tell your doctor about the following:

  • Location of pain
  • Type of pain (dull or sharp)
  • Any previous surgeries on the hernia
  • What type of surgery has previously been performed (sutures vs. mesh, etc.)

Describe the life impact your hernia is causing:

  • Loss of time at work.
  • Loss of mobility.
  • Sexual intimacy.
  • Changes to your lifestyle.

Ask your doctor if he or she thinks you might have a complex hernia.

Get a Second Opinion If Needed

If you or your physician desire a second opinion, Dr. Iskandar will be happy to provide a consultation and diagnosis as to your hernia.

Renowned Expertise. Unparalleled Compassion.
We are here to help!

Consider Parallel Health Issues & Whole Person Treatment

At the Iskandar Center, we believe in treating the whole person. If obesity or extra body weight plays a role in your complex hernia condition, we consider this. Dr. Iskandar can assist you with weight management and bariatric surgery (often during your hernia surgery for less time in recovery). Exercise, nutrition, and assistance with smoking cessation can be discussed as part of your complex hernia surgery pre- or post-op to provide you the best outcomes possible.

Ask your physician for a referral to The Iskandar Complex Hernia Center, or reach out to us directly. We are glad to answer any questions you may have.