Complex Hernia Surgery, Repair, and Treatment

Large or complex abdominal wall hernias are a challenging surgical problem. Complex hernias require specialized treatment to reduce the chance of complications and hernia recurrence. The Iskandar Center specializes in abdominal wall reconstruction for complex hernias.

Preparation Before Surgery

Proper preparation before complex hernia surgery is as important as the surgery itself. As far as preparation is concerned, we focus on adequate blood glucose control for diabetics, adequate nutritional supplementation for people who are malnourished, smoking cessation for smokers, weight management for overweight patients, and reducing sources of potential infection.

In rare cases, patients with large hernias sometimes require more preparation with botulin toxin injection to help better close the muscles. This helps minimize risk factors in larger hernias.

Advanced Procedure with the Latest Techniques

Hernia Specialist Dr. Mazen Iskandar utilizes the latest, research-supported, advanced techniques and mesh material shown to carry the lowest hernia recurrence and complication rates.

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery vs. Open Hernia Surgery

In most cases, a minimally invasive approach is used with a surgical robot, to reduce the chances of infection and to speed up the recovery. This is called laparoscopic surgery.

If a traditional open surgical approach is selected, it would have the advantage of removing excess skin, especially in patients who have lost a significant amount of weight in preparation. Our goal is to restore normal anatomy and reconstruct the abdominal wall in every case. In other words, every effort is made to reattach the core muscle back to restore normal appearance and, more importantly, the function of the abdominal wall (long-term functional repair). In most cases, we attempt to place mesh outside of the abdominal cavity, meaning the mesh would not be in direct contact with the intestines which significantly reduces the chances of mesh-related complications especially infections.

Post-Op Follow Up

After surgery, close follow-up is arranged to make sure that the healing process is as expected and to ensure that the patient is ready to resume their normal activities. We believe in whole-person treatment, seeking to have you have the highest quality of life possible.

We Specialize in Complex Hernia Surgery

Complex hernia patients need a practice that focuses solely on complex hernia repair. It is for this reason, The Iskandar Complex Hernia Center was founded. Dr. Mazen Iskandar is a recognized expert in complex hernias with a compassionate bedside manner. He is an innovator in advanced hernia repair techniques for patients with complex, large, or recurrent hernias.

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