Dr. Iskandar Earns Surgeon of Excellence in Hernia Surgery Accreditation from SRC

Dr. Mazen Iskandar headshot hernia surgeonSurgeon of Excellence Accreditation

The recent accreditation bestowed upon Dr. Mazen Iskandar by the esteemed Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) as a Surgeon of Excellence in Hernia Surgery represents a pinnacle in his career, shining a light on his exceptional skill set, extensive training, and commitment to innovative surgical practices. SRC is a nonprofit patient safety organization that administers best-in-class accreditation programs for medical surgeons, hospitals, and freestanding outpatient facilities throughout the world. The process of accreditation required an evaluation of clinical data and best practices implementation to determine that Dr. Iskandar exceeds nationally recognized standards in results and safety. It recognizes him as one of a handful of hernia surgeons who have surpassed the rigorous standards set by SRC for surgical excellence.

SRC surgeon of excellence in hernia surgery seal

What Does this Mean for You?

The SRC’s gold seal of accreditation is a significant indicator for patients seeking high-quality medical care.

It represents an independent and objective assessment of medical facilities and professionals, emphasizing unbiased evaluations by SRC’s dedicated inspectors. This accreditation ensures that the accredited entities, like Dr. Iskandar and the Iskandar Complex Hernia Center, have committed substantial time and resources to meet the stringent criteria, which are designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital stays. Unlike other programs, SRC accredits both the facility and individual medical professionals, focusing on specific departments or specialties.

The rigorous accreditation process involves an SRC inspection to confirm that the applicant meets each accreditation requirement. The inspection process is divided into four parts: document submission, medical chart review, interviews, and facility assessment. It ensures that accredited surgeons like Dr. Iskandar meet and exceed nationally recognized standards in patient care and safety.

This comprehensive approach guarantees that patients receive thorough and complete care, adhering to high standards in every aspect of their treatment. As a result, patients can be assured of receiving excellent care at SRC-accredited facilities and from SRC-accredited surgeons.

More About Dr. Iskandar’s Journey to Becoming A Recognized Surgeon of Excellence

Dr. Mazen Iskandar hernia surgeon talking with smiling patientDr. Iskandar’s journey toward this recognition is a story of relentless pursuit of excellence. His education and training laid a strong foundation, but it was his continuous dedication to advancing his skills and staying abreast of the latest surgical techniques that truly set him apart. His expertise in complex hernia surgeries, especially using minimally invasive and robotic techniques, has not only pushed the boundaries of surgical care but has also significantly improved patient outcomes.

The SRC’s rigorous evaluation process for the Surgeon of Excellence designation involves an in-depth review of the surgeon’s clinical practice, including their educational background, surgical volume, and outcomes. Dr. Iskandar’s achievement in this context highlights his exceptional competence and consistent delivery of high-quality care. It’s a testament to his deep understanding of hernia pathology, his skillful surgical techniques, and his ability to handle complex and challenging cases with remarkable success rates.

Furthermore, this recognition is not just a personal achievement for Dr. Iskandar; it’s a beacon for the entire field of hernia surgery. His approach to patient care, which emphasizes thorough pre-operative planning, individualized treatment strategies, and comprehensive post-operative care, sets a new standard in patient-centric surgical practice. His dedication to his patients’ well-being and his commitment to improving their quality of life are at the heart of his practice.

Dr. Iskandar’s role as an educator and mentor to other surgeons is also noteworthy. His willingness to share his knowledge and expertise, whether through formal teaching at Texas A&M School of Medicine or professional collaborations, reflects his dedication to the advancement of hernia surgery as a specialty. His influence extends beyond the operating room, inspiring a new generation of surgeons to pursue excellence with the same vigor and dedication.

Dr. Mazen Iskandar’s designation as a Surgeon of Excellence by the SRC is a recognition that resonates beyond individual accolades. It acknowledges his profound impact on the field of hernia surgery, his unparalleled commitment to patient care, and his role in shaping the future of surgical excellence. This honor is a fitting tribute to a surgeon who has dedicated his life to elevating the standards of medical practice and improving the lives of countless patients suffering from hernias.

The Iskandar Complex Hernia Center at Baylor, Scott, and White, Also Named A Hernia Center of Excellence by SRC

In addition, the Iskandar Complex Hernia Center at Baylor Scott & White Waxahachie was named as one of only two Hernia Centers of Excellence in North Texas.